Visual Arts Coordinator Alexandra White

Visual artist & art show organizer. For most of the 90’s & 2000’s she organized and co-created art shows, exhibits & pop-up galleries throughout the United States. Various art shows such as; Art Gallery

Pop-up Project in NY, She Festival 2001-2007 and a multitude of both individual and group art events and shows. The She Festival showcased women in art and promoted awareness of domestic violence. Currently she is a working artist (Abstract Alexandra) and Coordinator of South Carolina Artists, an artist’s community.

Art Lovers & Collectors Paradise

 Who's running the show...

Columbia's Micro Urban Festival

  Music Co-coordinators

​   Jeremy Weissman

Jeremy got his start with booking in the local music scene           through the late great Conundrum Music Hall where he               headed a benefit concert series that raised thousands of             dollars for several South Carolina organizations and                   charitable causes as well as featuring many of the area's             most beloved bands. While at Conundrum he also co-             organized two music and arts festivals: Villa Ville Cola and           Conundrumfest. Since the closing of Conundrum he                   spearheaded the effort to form the Infinite Room music and arts collaborative which has partnered with Tapp's Arts Center to produce a regular series of eclectic and innovative concerts and performances. 

   Bentz Kirby

A retired attorney who practiced law in Columbia and            Orangeburg from 1982 until 2012. He holds degrees from    Charleston Southern University and the University of South  Carolina School of Law.  Since 2002, Bentz has been active in  Columbia’s music scene.  He plays in two bands with his wife,  May, Alien Carnival and Jellyroll & Delicious Dish. He also is one  of the hosts of open mic at Foxfield Bar and Grille. Over the  years, he has promoted a number of shows in Columbia at various venues such as the Art Bar, The Red Tub and Utopia. Bentz and his wife have also hosted a number of house concerts over the years. In October of 2012, he survived a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  His survival was thanks to an off duty paramedic with an AED machine.  As a result, he has begun raising money to have AED machines installed in various businesses.


​​​Rosewood Festival was founded by Forrest Whitlark and Arik Bjorn in         2010. Their vision was to create a festival of visual and performing arts     in the beautiful communities of Shandon and Rosewood located in         Columbia, South Carolina. What evolved is an event which reaches           beyond the Southeastern United States in talent, yet still keeps its           personal and relaxed atmosphere to provide one of the best small             festivals in the country.


 Festival Photographer Drew Baron

​ Festival Surveyor Lucas Sams

​ Festival Poster Viva Whitlark

  Director Al Black

A Hoosier in the Land of Cotton, Al Black is a poet and organizes and hosts various literary, music and art events throughout the Midlands of South  Carolina.  He is the co-founder of and tours throughout GA, NC and SC with the Poets Respond to Race Initiative.


The Festival’s mission is to create a balance of visual and performing arts from some of the best artists in the country, while introducing 

new and exciting talent for art patrons to explore. 

The festival’s location nestled between two well established,

beautiful neighborhoods of Rosewood and Shandon, provides a venue of southern urban charm.

Saturday, September 30th, 2017